Brendan Faegre

composer, percussionist

4-3-5: Can You Hear It? (2010)




percussion duo
[Perc 1: splash cymbal, medium suspended cymbal, temple blocks, log drum, prepared high tom, low octoban, snare drum, small pedal bass drum, medium cowbell, small nipple gong / Perc 2: chinese cymbal, small suspended cymbal, bongos, conga, high wood block, clave, snare drum, small pedal bass drum, hi-hat, mounted small cowbell]


Anders Kregnes Hansen & Eivind Siljeholm / 9 January 2011 / Lindemansalen, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway


for Amphion Percussion, Anders Kregnes Hansen, & Eivind Siljeholm

According to recent research, newborn babies can perceive meter. Whether innate or learned in the womb, upon entering the outside world, babies know where the "one" is. But can they perceive polyrhythm--rhythms occurring in multiple tempi simultaneously? Can you? Can I? Can the performers? These questions are the primary impetus behind 4-3-5: Can You Hear It?, focusing mainly on the tempo ratios 3:4:5. But polyrhythm is only one of the many spices used to create this flavorful rhythmic soup. The other ingredients are as follows:

2 tbsp Rhythmic contours (exploring the expansion, contraction, and gradual re-shaping of a rhythm)

1/2 cup Timbre as a structural element (generally divided into wood-like, skin-like, or metal-like sounds)

a pinch of Tabla tricks

This is all boiled in an upside-down floor tom, from my childhood drum set, which was my entrance into the world of music and remains a strong influence in all of my works.

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4-3-5: Can You Hear It?
[Anders Kregnes Hansen & Eivind Siljeholm, percussion]

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