Circles: sacrament (2012)




percussion trio, all performing inside one circular setup
[opera gong (ascending), sizzle cymbal, splash cymbal, 3 metal cans, metal bowl filled with small metal beads, 3 rototoms, 3 concert toms, bucket of water]


Three Valleys Percussion Trio / 22 May 2012 / Beijing Modern Music Festival, China


TROMP Percussion Eindhoven Composition Competition Winner 2012
Beijing Modern Music Festival Young Composer Award 2012


commissioned by Jia Jia Qiao

At the core of effective percussion performance in all musical traditions is a strong sense of theater and choreography. In Circles: sacrament I elevate this theatrical tendency to a key ingredient in the piece; the aural and visual domains unite as actions in one realm lead to results in the other. Clockwise circles produce ascending lines, reversals of direction produce retrograded musical ideas, and the production of a certain sound necessitates specific motion. From the aural perspective, all of the musical materials in this piece are generated from the sound of an ascending Opera Gong with a "sizzle" chain attached. From the theatrical perspective, ritualistic percussion movements are developed into a full-blown ceremony. Engage both ears and eyes; allow the performers to draw you into their world.

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[Three Valleys Percussion Trio]

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