Brendan Faegre

composer, percussionist

nostalgia (distant songs) (2010)




solo piano


Ambrose Fu, piano / 8 April 2010 / Ford Hall, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA


nostalgia (distant songs) is a reflection on the importance of context in our experience listening to music. Many of the facilities utilized--such as aesthetics, memory, and emotion--are highly subjective, and our perception is formed just as much by the context in which we hear a piece of music as the actual musical content. Nostalgia takes excerpts from two favorite songs from my youth, and frames them in such a way that the already powerful emotional responses they produce are further amplified. To those of you familiar with these songs, I hope you have a similar experience. To those of you unfamiliar, I urge you to speak with your neighbors in the audience.

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nostalgia (distant songs)
[Alex Lombard, piano]

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