ARE YOU MR. LLOYD BLANKFEIN? – Ricciotti Ensemble Spring Tour

May 510:00am10:00pm

locations TBA
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World premiere and many repeat performances of ARE YOU MR. LLOYD BLANKFEIN? by the Ricciotti Ensemble, conducted by Coen Stuit.

This new work is based on the theme for Ricciotti’s Spring Tour: celebrating the centennial of the first Dutch radio play.  It is an imaginary dialogue between a 7-year old poor child and former CEO of investment bank Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein.  The soloist for this tour, jazz vocalist Henk Kraaijeveld, will perform the dialogue as a narrator.

The Ricciotti Ensemble is a street orchestra that started in the 1970s and still today operates on the principle of live symphonic music for everyone.  Over 50% of their performances are in social institutions: refugee centres, hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, prisons, homes for the mentally and/or physically disabled and schools for children with special needs.