BACH VIOLIN PARTITA NO. 1 – switched @ Imaginary Landscape

Saturday, June 8, 20193:00pm

Imaginary Landscape
Kleefseweg 9
Ottersum 6595 NK, Netherlands map

In their debut program, switched takes on J.S. Bach’s monstrous Partita No. I for solo violin.

The program alternates between the four main dances – interpreted as violin features with subtle processing (think long-tail reverbs and quiet synth pedals) – and the doubles – played with hard-hitting beats and intense effects (think massive distortion and hard-panned stereo delay).

switched is a new project by two musicians from seemingly opposite fields: baroque violinist Lucia Giraudo and composer/drummer Brendan Faegre.  In it, they channel baroque dance music through a contemporary prism.  Lucia takes a dedicated, historically informed approach to the violin part.  Brendan adds drums, making the meter of the dances explicit.  And through processing and a monosynth, they bring baroque dance into the soundworld of electronic music.