MUSIC FOR BARS – Slagwerk Den Haag @ Explore the North

Saturday, November 26, 20168:00pm

Grand Café De Friesche Club
Ruiterskwartier 57
Leeuwarden 8911 BP, Netherlands map

Performance of MUSIC FOR BARS, a 60-minute transformation of the sounds, movements, and social interactions of a bar near you.  With Slagwerk Den Haag and Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club.

Music For Bars explores the gradual amplification (and eventual distortion) of sonic, physical, and social elements of the bar.  The evening features 6 performers from Slagwerk Den Haag and Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club, bartenders and waiters from the bar, and YOU the patron, in a wild mixture of performance styles.  Dance and music improv, imitation and instruction of the patrons, anthropologist Ray Oldenburg, Aphex Twin colliding with Louis Andriessen & Martijn Padding, Dawn of MIDI colliding with a new percussion trio by Brendan Faegre.  This is a participatory, genre-defying experience, emphasizing the democratizing role that bars have played throughout history.  Drinking is strongly encouraged.”