A Manual Towards the Truth

#multidisciplinary #theater #voice #percussion #electronics #choreography

A MANUAL TOWARDS THE TRUTH is a multidisciplinary music theater piece inspired by the destruction of truth in the social media environment, and the moral dilemmas created by the newly required job of Content Moderator.  Music, theater, scenography, choreography, costumes, and light design come together in a unified, ritualistic experience, forcing the audience to grapple with the most essential questions of our age.

“★★★★…gripping” – NRC

With tons of energy they tell two stories together while singing and speaking…a mental assault” – Theaterkrant

The design of this performance is sleek and streamlined with an eye for detail…the singing is crystal clear…perfectly performed in the audiovisual field” – Klankgat

Creators/performers: Brendan Faegre, Robin Coops, & Jonathan Bonny
Scenography: Maze de Boer
Light design: Wijnand van der Horst
Costumes: Martijn Kramp
Sound: Wouter Snoei


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