Broken Mirrors

BROKEN MIRRORS is a 20-minute piece for small drum kit, analog monosynth, and 4 backing tracks. Each backing track was recorded live with the identical instruments and performer, and no digital effects were added (echo & reverb sounds are acoustic imitations).  When I sat down to write the piece, I imagined my drums & synth were surrounded by 4 other copies of the same setup being played simultaneously.  Here’s the imaginary stage-plot I used while composing:

After the piece was written, I went into the studio and recorded each of the five parts live.  In performance, I play the middle part while the other four parts are played from speakers.

This piece was a lot of things to me: the first time writing a solo piece for myself, an excuse to play synth and drum kit at the same time, an exploration of echo and reverb effects for live acoustic instruments, sonic similarities between drums & synth, a blurring of boundaries between pulse and meter, and an attempt at creating an overwhelming sense of unity by having all parts of a piece performed with an identical setup and player.

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