Broken Mirrors

#solo #drumkit #electronics #surround #longform

BROKEN MIRRORS is a 20-minute trip for small drum kit, analog monosynth (Korg Monologue), and 4 backing tracks surrounding the audience. Each backing track was recorded live with the identical instruments and performer, and there was no processing or effects added (echo & reverb sounds are acoustic imitations).  The live drums and 4 backing tracks are assembled into a pentagon, surrounding the audience.  The audience wanders freely, exploring and creating their own ‘mix’ of the 5 channels.

The music is an unrelenting progression of heavy-hitting grooves, thundering sub-bass lines, synth arpeggios, noises, and distortion.  Utilizing the Monologue’s versatile tuning capabilities, Broken Mirrors is written entirely within a world of microtonal harmonies that feel both foreign and familiar.  The piece creates a fascinating ambiguity between pulse and meter, and between acoustic and digital sound.  And it’s performed by a one-man band.

Video of improv hits section tryout


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