Magical Quest for the Enchanted Armor

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MAGICAL QUEST FOR THE ENCHANTED ARMOR was the end result of a challenge from the Cello Biënnale Amsterdam and Slagwerk Den Haag: compose a “one-page” piece for 4 cellists and 4 percussionists.  Creative interpretation of the “one-page” requirement seemed like the ripest area for exploration, and considering the mischievous nature of the assignment, I decided to create a large, fantasy-themed musical board game for the group to perform.

The ensemble divides into teams and navigates along the board’s repeated groove and melody squares, finding their way to the Magical Armor (placed at random on one of the squares), and then going to the glowing ship.  First team to the ship wins (and becomes the conductor of special ‘winning music’).

Here’s the fantasy back-story:

“The evil dwarves of Goldmandale have stolen King Crimson’s enchanted armor. Without this armor, your kingdom is defenseless and risks eminent destruction. The King has taken you on his royal ship to the land of Blankfein, where the dwarves are hiding his armor. Your mission is to retrieve the armor, and take it to the King’s ship in the Bay of Sachs. When the king once again dons his glowing armor, the dwarves will recoil in fear, fleeing into the forest. You will have saved your kingdom, and will be rewarded with a crystal ball and eternal financial clairvoyance.”

For score & parts + more info:

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