#multidisciplinary #edgeensemble #improv #longform #microtonal

This is the Edge Ensemble’s latest project: a new semi-improvised soundtrack to F.W. Murnau’s classic 1927 silent film SUNRISE.

To create the soundtrack, the ensemble immersed themselves in the film, watching, debating, exploring, extracting and considering every poetic interpretation they could imagine.  The end result was a unique map of the film, dividing it into 6 acts, where each act has one unique emotion that grows or fades in intensity as the act progresses.  This map serves as the ‘score’ upon which the ensemble improvises their soundtrack.  Using a fascinating contemporary palette of sounds – synthesizer, voice, baroque viola, modern violin, thumps and whirs from inside the piano, subtle noises from the drums – the Edge Ensemble makes silent film into a provocative, modern experience.

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