The Games We Play

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THE GAMES WE PLAY is a program of five freshly commissioned works exploring the idea of human play.  Each of the five composers in this project explores the theme of games and play in a deeply personal manner. Brendan Faegre’s Love the Cheat (hate the spoilsport) centers around the financial games played by Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, using vocoded samples of his testimony following the 2008 financial crisis.  Ethan Braun’s Degrees of Silenceasks the ensemble to navigate mathematical permutations of five improvisatory modes of playing.  Christopher Fox’s Revolutionary Movements explores short character-pieces around four game concepts: ‘The Widening Gyre’, ‘Reel’, ‘Spindrift’, and ‘Wheel of Fortune’. Harry Stafylakis’s Together We Grow combines his roots as a metal guitarist with game-instructions for the musicians.  And in Genevieve Murphy’s Violent Push of an Unpredictable Strategy, she joins the ensemble playing her bagpipes, forcing each musician to mold and blend with her motherland’s instrument. This program showcases the infinitely diverse and oftentimes serious nature of “play”.

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