The Wind

#multidisciplinary #edgeensemble #voice #improv #longform

In their first multimedia project, the Edge Ensemble joins forces with Catalan soprano Elisenda Pujals for a semi-improvised soundtrack to Victor Sjöström’s 1928 silent film THE WIND.

In The Wind, a naive young woman from Virginia moves to Texas, where family, local suitors, and the incessant wind drive her to madness and murder. Four men of the Edge Ensemble embody the physical and psychological wind of the film; storms and tornadoes assault the small village, and dark thoughts assault the characters’ minds. Pujals and her ‘breath’ (the bass clarinetist) represent the fear and madness of Letty, the lone woman and protagonist of this film.

The Wind was a groundbreaking film in 1928, and through adding a radically contemporary soundworld, this production makes the film communicate strongly to a diverse audience today.

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