Domestic Beats Go Viral

Bathtub Music – part 1 went viral on TikTok over the weekend.  This 20 second clip of me drumming in a bathtub now has over 4 million views, half a million likes, and 10,000 shares in total.  It even made its way in front of FINNEAS (Billie Eilish’s brother/co-writer/producer) who commented that it was “Outrageous”.  I am now expanding Domestic Beats into a larger-scale operation.  If you want to find out when it launches, sign up for the mailing list at

@brendanfaegre Bathroom Music – part 1 🥁🛁 #drums #beats #musiciansoftiktok #drummersoftiktok #drumhack #domesticbeats #funny #foryou ♬ Bathtub music 1 – Brendan Faegre