Five World Premieres with the Edge Ensemble

This May the Edge Ensemble will premiere five freshly commissioned works inspired by games and human play. The new pieces from Genevieve Murphy, Ethan Braun, Christopher Fox, Harry Stafylakis, and me each showcase five deeply personal interpretations. From the financial games of Goldman Sachs, to a composer joining us on stage playing bagpipes, this program expresses the diversity and profundity of play in the human experience. Here are two composer interviews below, and you can watch the rest on the Edge Ensemble Facebook page.

Genevieve Murphy in conversation

Conversing with Genevieve Clare Georgina Florence Murphy about her new piece 'Violent push of an unpredictable strategy' for Edge + Genevieve on bagpipestopics include: bagpipes, working with timbre through experiencing it, trying to win

Posted by Edge Ensemble on Monday, May 15, 2017

Ethan Braun in conversation

Chatting w/ Ethan Braun about his new piece for us, 'Degrees of Silence'topics include: working with improvisers from different backgrounds, tension & release, giving students Fs out of spite

Posted by Edge Ensemble on Thursday, May 11, 2017

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