NITE Interview

NITE did an interview and analogue photo session with me in March.  Here are a few excerpts:

“I’m convinced that there’s never anything truly new. It’s just new combinations of whatever the last people did. I don’t know what completely new would be, but I think we would hate it. I think if you managed to create new music that literally had no connection to anything that had ever been done before, that means, I don’t know, it could be all in frequencies that only birds hear (laughs). And then we would sit there, and we would hear silence, and we’d be thinking ‘what is this? I’m leaving.'”

“Everyone  absorbs the influences around themselves. And then as a creator, you’re just unconsciously synthesizing all these things that you like. For example, Bach was doing this. It’s just that he was much more limited in the geography and the period in the history of music that he had access to. He only had access to music from Italy and Germany and England and France, but he really merges those four things together.  And I think it’s the same today with.. whatever, take the new Billie Eilish album as an example. There’s a bossa nova track and this heavy hitting club track and an acoustic guitar track and you can think of those as completely unrelated genres, but it’s just the fact that her and her brother listen to and love all these kinds of music. This is just what comes out when they create freely.”

Read the full interview here