Violent Push of an Unpredictable Strategy

#bagpipes #edgeensemble #improv #surround #longform

VIOLENT PUSH OF AN UNPREDICTABLE STRATEGY is a 20 minute meditative installation-improvisation with composer/bagpiper Genevieve Murphy and the Edge Ensemble.  It was most recently performed on top of and inside Atelier van Lieshout’s massive ‘Blast Furnace’ sculpture.

It began as a mostly fixed concert piece by Genevieve, as part of the Games We Play program. Following these performances, we decided to make an extended, more improvisatory version of the piece which we presented at the Ephémère concert series in The Hague.  And this eventually evolved into its current state where the performers are spread far apart on a massive sculpture, each individually amplified to fill out the sonic space of the environment while encouraging the audience to wander, finding their own path through the piece.

Here’s live audio of our performance (including many footsteps from a happily wandering audience):

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