Hoodies, T-shirts,
and Sample Packs

Multi-tasking is a Myth: a nice reminder for those of us who strive for depth and focus.

The clothing is eco-friendly (shirts are 100% organic cotton, hoodies are a blend of organic cotton and polyester) and print-on-demand (no waste). Cozy for the upcoming cold days. Gender neutral, and available in black, red, and white.  And there’s a 10% discount for Patreon members.

Check out the hoodies and t-shirts here

I’ve also put out something for producers who want to use the bizarre sounds and beats I’ve recorded with bathtubs, barbecues, trains, and more on my Domestic Beats journey.  I have assembled my full collection of sounds into 9 sample packs of one-shots, loops, and stems, available on Bandcamp.  And there’s a 50% discount on sample packs for Patreon members.

Check out the sample packs here