‘The Underground’ EP
& Dutch Tour

The Underground EP — including Echte Mensen and De Fuck-Song — is now available on all streaming platforms.  Echte Mensen is a rage-filled diatribe against the status quo, sung by lead character Will.  De Fuck-Song is the final number of the show, alternating between mysterious female vocals and the entire cast releasing their fury in collective screams against a broken system.

I composed the music, produced and mixed the recordings, and wrote the lyrics for De Fuck-Song.

Listen on Spotify here:

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Composer/Producer/Mixer: Brendan Faegre | Lyrics: Rik van den Bos / Brendan Faegre | Vocals: Sanne den Hartogh / Dirge Seçil Kuran | Musicians: Niels Meliefste, Dirge Seçil Kuran, Joost Geevers, Berber Heerema, Isa Goldschmeding, Noa Eyl, Yanna Pelser | Extra screams: Camilo Chapela, Tatiana Matveeva, Michael ‘Ques’ Zaalman, Bram de Laere | Sound Designer: Peter Zwart | Recording Engineer: Timo Merkies | Mastering Engineer: Arne Bock


This multi-disciplinary music theater show is now in the midst of a 30-performance theater tour throughout The Netherlands.  Head to nite.nl/underground to see all the details and get tickets.